Expertise for an ideal service

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Our large and specialised fleet and the know-how accrued over many years have made us experts in the transportation of full loads for importation and exportation and allow us to cater for the needs of various specialised sectors.

  • Agriculture and fisheries sector: companies specialising in cereal production and distribution, manufacturers of food and animal products, animal feed and all types of cereals.

  • Paper industry: cardboard and reels of paper.

  • Industrial sector: insulating panels, tubes of plastic and reels of cable and prefabricated concrete panels

This degree of specialisation would not be possible without more than 100 trucks of different types, all of which can be adapted to meet our customers’ needs: curtain side, moving floor, expandable platform, tub top and coil transport trucks and trailers.

This great variety of specialised vehicles allows us to provide a highly personalised service and to meet each and every one of our customers’ needs. This ensures that their products will reach their final destinations swiftly and safely.

At present, over 800 clients from all over Europe trust ILTRALIA with the road transportation of their products.