Trailer for loads up to 17 metres long

  • camion extensible iltralia
  • camion extensible iltralia
  • camion extensible iltralia

For the shipment of king-sized loads, we can offer over 10 different trailers with the capacity to carry products up to 17 metres long. These are versatile trucks with traditional low bed trailers but with the added advantage of being able to expand to accommodate king-sized products.

LTRALIA has extensive experience in organising the shipment of extraordinary and king-sized loads. We can look after all of the permits required and take all of the action necessary to insure that your products reach their final destination. Please contact our traffic team for more information on this subject.

General characteristics of ITRALIA’s expandable platform trailers:

  • Axles: 3

  • Maximum load: 27,000 kg

  • Width: 2.48 m

  • Height: 2.65 m

  • Length: 17 m

  • Total number of units: 13 m

This type of trailer is suitable for the transport of: king-sized products such as timber, prefabricated panels, tubes, etc.

This video shows our expandable platform trailers working with loads of up to 17 metres long: Expandable platform trailer