The new Road Traffic Regulation Act comes into force

Camión Iltralia transporte en carretera

After years of discussion and evaluation, the new LOTT finally came into force on 29th July, 2013. The LOTT is a transport certificate which has been adapted to comply with the most recent EU regulations. The main changes are:

  • Extended application: this is a requirement for all vehicles weighing up to 3.5 tonnes and to other non-passenger vehicles that run at more than 40 km/hour.

  • Holders of official carrier permits will be automatically authorised to act as intermediate carriers without the need to obtain any other form of official transport authorization.

  • It will no longer be possible to transfer official transport authorization permits.

  • A new, General Registry of Transport has been established. This new public register will record not only the carrier's official transport authorization but also any training carried out that is recognised by the transport authorities.

  • The Ministry Register will be combined with the Commercial Register in order to collect together all of the identity data for the different transport companies.

  • From 2014 onwards, all transport companies will be required to use electronic signatures and digital equipment.

  • In order to obtain the required transport authorizations, transport vehicles must be owned by the transport company; leased and rented vehicles will not be recognised.

  • The distinction between different types of transport companies will be removed.

  • The quantity subject to the Referral Committee will be increased to 10,000.