ILTRALIA Meeting 2013, planning the future of the company

ILTRALIA Meeting 2013 ILTRALIA Meeting 2013

ILTRALIA recently held the ILTRALIA 2013 Meeting, an annual convention for all of the company’s office employees. This training conference is normally used to assess and focus on the main strategic decisions facing the company. Last year, special attention was given to the sales department, which has undergone a number of organizational changes in order to keep abreast of the company’s growing client portfolio in Spain, France and Benelux. At the meeting, the company also reviewed the present state of road transport and discussed the main tendencies in today’s transport sector. 

The meeting, which was held in Lleida, was attended by more than 35 employees from different departments of the company, including: traffic, monitoring, finance and administration, sales, marketing, purchasing, maintenance and management.