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We have over 100 trucks and 120 employees and make 22,000 shipments all over Europe every year and can offer you millions of kilometres and over 50 years of service and experience. And everything is always delivered with the same positive attitude and philosophy: we are committed to providing our clients with highly personalised solutions for their road transport shipments. This explains why people trust us to carry what is most important for them: their products.

Although ILTRALIA is already quite a large company, we remain a very compact unit and know each other very well. We like things this way and we are all very passionate about logistics. We are also keen to know our clients well and to discover and meet their specific needs. We therefore take great interest in knowing their names, the characteristics of their products, any special requirements they may have, the urgency of each delivery and where their products must be delivered to.

At ILTRALIA, we are passionate about logistics and about providing a very personal and human service. After more than five decades and having travelled millions of kilometres non-stop, we know that this is the only way that your products can reach their final destination with the greatest of speed, reliability and security.

These words may sound very nice on a website, but they are also true. We simply hope that you will give us the opportunity to prove that it is possible to provide an efficient transport service based on passion, dedication and hard work. We will not disappoint you; we will take your cargo wherever you need it to go.

As proof that we are a large, friendly but very approachable company, we would like to give you our contact information and help you with your needs.

Ramón ( and Manel (
ILTRALIA's managers and two people who are passionate about transporting products by road.